It all started…

…back in 2014, Duncan Child and Matt Hall started a Google Group called Software Underground (sometimes affectionately referred to as Swung). A little more than a year later, it branched out to Slack. The move connected us much better, and it’s where most of the Software Underground action is today.

Our purpose

To provide technical and professional development opportunities to the global community of earth scientists and engineers who program computers in the course of their work, and to promote the use of open source digital technology in the exploitation of natural resources and investigation of the earth.

Who’s involved

Software Underground is not an organization. It is run and supported by Matt Hall, Evan Bianco, and everyone at Agile Scientific, as well as by a core group of contributors (including but not limited to Brendon Hall, Jesper Dramsch, David Holmes, Steve Purves, and many others).

Where else to find us

  • There are meatspace meetups from time to time, especially in Houston. Look for #meetups in the Slack.

  • Check out the GitHub account, which has some good stuff in it.

  • We also have a Twitter account we haven’t found a use for yet. Ideas?